Training: A focused and well balanced education is relevant to provide the knowledge for dealing with diverse and demanding situations in everyday life on both personal and professional levels. Well targeted, evidential and constructive training will help provide balanced perspective and encourage the development of specific personal approach to the required area. Information is widely available today and knowledge may be developed quickly. It is practical wisdom which would make the difference in long term professional and personal management.

My teaching experience covers the following subjects: Counselling, Spirituality, Leadership, Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Research and Writing, Theology and New Testament Studies.

My research interests cover the following subjects: Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Addictions, Conscience, Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Spirituality, Leadership, Theology, Biblical Studies, Religion, Hermeneutics and Eschatology.

I can provide short courses in each of the above areas.

Here is a short teaching example for you to consider.

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