The main purpose of the project is to develop conscience therapy using evidence from the studies of conscience in alcohol and drug recovery. The research questions shaping the focus of Part 1 instigated consideration of important relationships related to the concepts of conscience, spirituality and recovery from alcohol addiction. The strive to clarify these relationships was guided through the question whether spiritually influenced conscience impacts positively the recovery from alcohol addiction. The goal of Part 1 emerged as understanding the dynamics of the relationships between conscience, spirituality, addiction and recovery through analysis of 12 narrative accounts incorporating these four concepts. The results investigating the role of conscience in recovery from alcohol addiction established a solid foundation for developing this life transformative treatment model, conscience therapy.

Part 2 echoes the research questions of Part 1 dealing with the significance of conscience in recovery from substance misuse and the importance of spirituality for conscientious functionality of wellbeing and edification. Thus Part 2 will focus on formulating the role of conscience in recovery from drug addiction considering its relationship to spirituality and importance in progressive recovery. This main goal of the study is supported through various aims:

  • Defining the nature and functioning of conscience

  • Understanding the state of conscience during addiction

  • Detailing the relationship of conscience to spirituality

  • Grasping the nature and role of spiritual transformation

  • Clarifying the impact of spiritual transformation on conscience

  • Identifying the role of spiritually empowered conscience on the recovery from drug addiction

Finally, the results from the study in Part 2 are analytically combined with the results from Part 1 to provide the grounds for evidence-based treatment, conscience therapy. The latter establishes Part 3 of the project and endeavours to formulate directives for facilitating a process of recovery through spiritual empowerment of conscience.