Clinical supervision: The provision of empowerment to the practitioner to continue effectively the work while maintaining personal and professional credibility is the goal of this important task. This is achieved through the supervisions’ formative, restorative and normative functions according to the supervisee’s needs, clients’ cases and professional context. Formatively supervision will deal with the personal and professional growth. Restoratively supervision will encourage effective management of the cognitive, emotional and behaviour work load. Normatively supervision will provide platform of accountability for maintenance of safety and effectiveness of work practice.

Managerial supervision: Work related issues pile up quickly and require resolution. Otherwise a considerable cognitive and emotional weight would be interfering with everyday duties. The usual company supervision may not be enough to lead to constructive regeneration of positive attitude, effective thinking and emotional balance related to the work duties and responsibilities. Effective supervision is essential to address the issues in a safe and productive environment within which reflective thinking and self-assessment are encouraged.

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