Narrative Analysis establishes the framework of the study shaping its elements:

  • characteristics of the participants;

  • the nature of the data to be obtained;

  • the methods for gathering the data;

  • the appropriate tools for analysis;

  • the guidance for the discussion.

The method of sampling is qualitative and selected in light of the research goals and framework. Purposive sampling is chosen in order to provide the necessary depth of the research. The sampling method establishes the criteria for participation as defined by the research aims and its conceptual nature. The participation criteria are reviewed on the page “Participants”. Data collection will be achieved through an episodic interview. The number of participants is limited to 6. The recruitment process will involve relevant organisations and personal contacts. The candidates will undergo initial screening and begin the interview with the completion of relevant documents. The interviews are transcribed and analysed leading to establishing the results and developing a discussion with secondary sources of authority.