Counselling: Provision of relevant talking support according to the needs and goals of the individual. The core attitude is shaped by empathy and compassion guiding the process of discovery of the individual strengths and resourcefulness for successful management of the encountered challenges. The journey of recovery manages past traumas, explores early development, goes through the life-crisis and faces the present challenges. The main aim is to bring an equilibrium in the persons' life, a place of content with self, others and the world. Towards such an endeavor both counsellor and client dedicate their professional and personal resources.

Couple counselling: Providing a safe and empowering environment to restore and transform couple relationship through the counselling interventions. An integrative approach is undertaken in order to address the needs of both parties within the relationship. The individuality of the parties and their effective integration in the relationship is resourced through the talking support. A journey is commenced through the psychotherapeutic work for resolution of crisis and rebuilding the supportive and fulfilling framework of the relationship.

Interfaith counselling: Each counselling process is to consider the spiritual needs and goals of the individual. These are of crucial importance for their wellbeing together with the physical, psychological, social and relational needs and goals. The spirituality and religiousness of each individual is considered with dignity and respect. The counselling process incorporates the individual faith, belief system, spiritual understanding, religious rituals and traditions. The psychological underpinning of the support is informed by the personal faith, spiritual and religious beliefs. The tools and strategies developed for managing the encountered challenges integrate the core of these beliefs. The place of satisfaction and content reflects the fulfillment of the individual's physical, psychological and spiritual needs and goals.

Christian counselling: Christian counselling takes the spiritual needs and goals of the individual as of fundamental importance for their wellbeing, relational fulfillment and personal growth. Christian faith and traditions become integral part of the process for understanding oneself and one's context. The professional support integrates psychological and biblical knowledge for providing the best tools for managing the challenges encountered and the personal relation to them. The goal is to reach a place of fulfillment and balance where the relationship to self, God and others is based on love, respect and commitment.

Addiction interventions: Addiction may occur in literary every sphere of life e.g. substances, alcohol, gambling, internet, pornography, food etc. Every addiction is an expensive habit as well as detrimental for personal health, wellbeing and development. The impact is not only on oneself but on one’s family, relatives and friends. Hence addiction counselling interventions are offered for an effective and safe way to deal with these unhealthy attachments.

Group counselling: Facilitating a group with members who have similar interest to undertake a therapeutic journey within a safe environment for achievement of their goals. The individuality of each member is respectfully considered within the group dynamics. The counselling facilitation empowers the development of the group and each participant to express their personal story and benefit from the experiences of other members.

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