Online talking support: All of the services listed below can be provided online. There are various platforms for the online sessions such as Psychology Today Sessions, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meetings. If you prefer any other platform or over the phone it is possible as well. The first session is a consultation and lasts 30min. It is a time to discuss your needs and what I can offer to meet them as well as your goals and how I can support you for achieving them. This session is completely free. I have few vacant slots at the moment and can book it for you immediately. Just get in touch sending me an email at

Counselling: Providing a safe and empowering environment to rebuild and transform oneself through the counselling interventions. An integrative approach is undertaken in order to address the needs of every individual. A personal plan is prepared in a mutual agreement and through the psychotherapeutic work a journey of its fulfilment is undertaken. The goal is to equip the person with the relevant resources to manage effectively the current situation and resolve the impact from the past negative experiences.

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Life-coaching: Everyone passes through challenges in achieving their personal goals. Sometimes it feels as these are difficult to overcome. It may even feel as no progress can be made or as no exit can be found from the difficult situation. Life-coaching provides the supportive environment for overcoming the difficulties and resolving the challenges. The progress towards achieving the desirable goals is a driving force of the process. Understanding and reformulation of the goals and their contribution to the personal wellbeing is another essential part of the support. Attention is devoted to the uniqueness of each individual, the complexities of the contexts and the actualization of resourcefulness. The successes are interwoven in the personal narrative to establish motivation for progress. The applications of the life-coaching are constructive resolutions for personal growth in every area of life.

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Supervision: The supervision aims to address the supervisee’s development, provide restorative support and enable consistency with the professional standards. These threefold functions are to promote clients’ welfare and effective management of their cases within the occurring context and its dynamics. The diversity of health care contexts require a broad perspective and flexibility in the provision of effective professional support. The fundamental attitude is to remain focus on the wellbeing of the practitioner and the successful delivery of the professional service for maintaining the wellbeing of the client.

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